The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the competition has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

WIN a super Manga prize bundle!

Ended: April 17, 2018
Untitled 1
  • Congratulations Barbara C. from Lancashire!


Ended: April 11, 2018
  • Congratulations Carole W. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations David H. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations Paul W. from Aberdeenshire!
  • Congratulations Claire G. from Suffolk!

Win an Isle of Dogs Prize Bundle!

Ended: April 10, 2018
  • Congratulations Johan S. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Sue M. from Channel Islands!

Win Striking Out Series One on DVD

Ended: April 8, 2018
  • Congratulations Angela J. from Herefordshire!

Win a £50 One4All gift card this Easter

Ended: April 2, 2018
Easter image
  • Congratulations Linda T. from Dorset !
  • Congratulations Mrs W. from Flintshire!
  • Congratulations Jane A. from Surrey!
  • Congratulations Steve C. from Cumbria!


Ended: April 2, 2018
Unthrottled easter
  • Congratulations rachel t. from west midlands!

Win the ultimate survival pack with TOMB RAIDER - In cinemas March 15

Ended: March 31, 2018
Tomb raider   final quad bauer 1
  • Congratulations Mr C. from Greater Manchester!
  • Congratulations deborah b. from Gwent!
  • Congratulations Jacqueline P. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Eileen R. from Cleveland!
  • Congratulations Andrew R. from Middlesex!

Win WWE: Best of NXT 2017 on DVD

Ended: March 30, 2018
  • Congratulations Elizabeth W. from Lanarkshire!
  • Congratulations Simon H. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Sandra M. from Derbys!
  • Congratulations Christopher L. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Graham D. from West Yorkshire!

Win a Cherry Blossom Luxury Shoe Care Pack

Ended: March 26, 2018
Cherry blossom
  • Congratulations Samantha S. from Staffs!

Win Royal Rumble 2018 on DVD

Ended: March 22, 2018
Royal rumble
  • Congratulations Matthew M. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Leila H. from London !
  • Congratulations Mr J. from Cleveland!
  • Congratulations George c. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Rob G. from London!

Win a £1,000 Thomas Cook voucher

Ended: March 14, 2018
Istock 576917150
  • Congratulations fred r. from tyne wear!

Win The Ritual on DVD

Ended: March 6, 2018
  • Congratulations Mark W. from derbyshire!
  • Congratulations Debra H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Joan A. from Middx!
  • Congratulations Alison J. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations David H. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations Denise W. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Jimmy M. from Tyne and Wear!
  • Congratulations James H. from Scotland UK!
  • Congratulations Angela J. from Herefordshire!
  • Congratulations Julie R. from essex!

Win a fabulous Apple watch with GPS

Ended: February 28, 2018
Apple watch
  • Congratulations Janie-Fleur M. from Hampshire!

Win Attack On Titan season 2 on Blu-ray

Ended: February 26, 2018
Titan feat
  • Congratulations Edward Y. from Antrim!
  • Congratulations Simon H. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Keith W. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Eva A. from Cumbria!
  • Congratulations Angela H. from Essex!

Win a £100 Love2Shop voucher

Ended: February 26, 2018
Mothers day
  • Congratulations Sue M. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations Roderick T. from Carmarthenshire!

Win a SodaStream Fizzi White

Ended: February 23, 2018
  • Congratulations Mrs D. from Norfolk!
  • Congratulations David S. from Shropshire!
  • Congratulations Denise S. from South Yorkshire!

Win! One of two £50 PizzaExpress vouchers to celebrate National Pizza Day

Ended: February 16, 2018
Pizza 5
  • Congratulations Christine K. from Armagh!
  • Congratulations Sonali D. from Hampshire!


Ended: February 14, 2018
  • Congratulations PETER H. from NORTH YORKSHIRE!
  • Congratulations Ian G. from North Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Tracey P. from Cambridgeshire!
  • Congratulations P C. from E Sussex!
  • Congratulations Andrea A. from Isle of Man!
  • Congratulations Simon H. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Amanda J. from Clwyd!
  • Congratulations DARRYL M. from TYNE AND WEAR!
  • Congratulations charles h. from staffs!
  • Congratulations Philip H. from West Midlands!


Ended: February 9, 2018
  • Congratulations Rob C. from Hampsh!

Win WWE: Bayley - Iconic Matches and WWE: Sasha Banks - Iconic Matches

Ended: February 8, 2018
  • Congratulations Simon H. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Stephen P. from Oxfordshire!
  • Congratulations Richard B. from Northants!
  • Congratulations Jeffrey G. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Angela H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations keith h. from west glamorgan!
  • Congratulations Miss W. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Rachael C. from Uk!
  • Congratulations peter m. from shropshire!
  • Congratulations P C. from E Sussex!